For 5th time in 14 days... a Detroit intruder is killed by Armed Homeowner

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Law abiding gun owners can take another victory lap in the crime ridden city of Detroit... 

Police Chief James Craig caused a national stir in January when he told The Detroit News he felt the city’s crime rate would go down if more people were armed because it would make criminals think twice about breaking into their homes or attacking them.

Detroit home invasion

Another would-be burglar was fatally shot Thursday by a homeowner — at least the fifth such incident in recent weeks.

Thursday’s shooting happened at about 12:30 p.m. when two men allegedly broke into a home on the 8200 block of Penrod on the city’s west side, Detroit Police Third Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson said.

“The homeowner was able to retrieve his weapon, and fired hitting one of the burglars,” Johnson said. “He ran away and collapsed in the driveway. The other burglar was able to escape.”

The homeowner heard glass shatter near the rear of his home and found one intruder, believed to be 17 years old, attempting to enter through a window, Johnson said. The resident fired two shots hitting the victim in his chest. The juvenile intruder died.

His suspected accomplice, a man in his 20s, fled the scene and is still at-large.

This shooting is the fifth incident in the past two weeks, where a resident shot an alleged intruder, said Johnson.

"It's a message to the criminals: stop coming into people’s homes unannounced and uninvited," Johnson said.

About seven Detroit police officers were in front of the two-story house. One snapped photos while another canvassed the area for residents near the scene. A sergeant on the scene declined to comment.

Other recent incidents include:

■ A woman in her 50s on Friday shot and killed a man trying to break into her home in the 22000 block of Grove Street. She heard noises at her rear window and shot the intruder in the chest.

■ On Feb. 22, two home invaders were killed: At 2 a.m., two men broke into a house on the city's southwest side; the homeowner shot both men. A 21-year-old man died and the other man escaped. Earlier at 12:30 a.m., a woman who was surprised by a gunman when she pulled her car into the garage was able to reach for her own gun and fatally shoot the man.

■ In an incident that made national headlines, a woman on Feb. 17 opened fire on three teens who kicked in her door. The alleged intruders, ages 14, 14 and 15, were caught by police, and face home invasion charges.

From The Detroit News: